welcome to Buddy Boy™ Winery & Vineyard

I have lived in the Cove all my life, growing up about one mile from the property we call home. My husband, son and I have lived on this property for 30 years, within the home my husband built from the ground up, using trees growing on our property. This is also the home to the winery. It all started in 1964 when my father, Marlin Woodward, purchased 6 acres, in the heart of the Cove, from Zip Barnett. My fatherís dream was to create an apple orchard, so he cleared the land and started selling apples and making his famous cider. I recall as a child, Zip walking down the aisles of the orchard, talking to himself and always bringing a bag of candy for my brother, sisters and I, while we picked apples from the trees.

As the years passed by, the apple trees and my father grew old, and there wasn’t much time to keep up with the orchard or to make cider. The property was then passed down to my brother and I, and again passed on to my husband Bill and I. It has become our dream to plant a vineyard and make wine.

Over the years, Bill made wine as a personal hobby in his spare time from his business, a portable saw mill.  We didn’t take his hobby very seriously, until we were visiting a few wineries in NY.  We were amazed at how well his wine making skills compared to the high end Wineries.  From this point forward, we decided to give a vineyard and winery a try.

We started out by buying grape juice from a winery in NY, to make our first batch, using our family and friends to taste test. Bill’s skills were proven worthy as everyone gave great reviews. It was such a success, our friends and family brought additional wine entrepreneurs to tryout his handy work.  Everyone loved the wine and couldn’t wait for more! Over the years, friends and family would joke around with Bill saying, “Hey Buddy Boy” and one day, while drinking a glass of wine; Bill decided that would be the name of our new winery. The dreams took off from there and Bill started clearing the old apple orchards and after many long hours and help from our family and friends; the first holes were dug, the first posts were anchored in the ground, and the last wire was stretched across the rows of the new vineyard. The first planting phase started in 2010, the second in 2011 and the final stage in 2012, completing the transformation from an old apple orchard into a beautiful grape vineyard.

Since our opening in November 2011, we built an additional large deck for events such as Weddings, Receptions, Parties or any other personal occasion. We also host a weekly Saturday Night event during the summer, Dinner on the Deck, starting at 6:00 pm.

So after turning a hobby into a dream, here we are opening a winery, Buddy Boy Winery! So please visit and bring your friends, to taste amazing wines, tour the property & vineyard, and enjoy the beautiful horseshoe valley, we proudly call home.

I promise you will not be disappointed!

See you soon,

William and Coreena Warner

Our Events

Dinner on the Deck!

Enjoy entertainment, food, and wine starting Saturday evenings in June and running through September. Check our Facebook page for the upcoming dinner menus.


Come out and join us as we release our exciting new wines, available for the first time during our anniversary weekend! You won't want to miss this one. Stop by and be one of the first people to try them.